The Dark

It's the Seventh Year of the Tribulation. The world is in utter chaos and the United States is basically a third world country, with no electricity, medicine and a limited food supply. Christianity has practically been wiped off the face of the Earth, save for small bands of Believers that are hulled up, just trying to survive until the Second Coming. Pastor Peter Braxton leads one of these bands of Believers, and has taken refuge in his small church, trying to fight off and outlast "The Dark". Despite his own battle with his Faith, he has been charged with leading his church through these End of Times. Little does everyone know that Pastor Braxton's church is also one of the biggest targets of "The Dark" because Peter, and a few others "in the know" are the keepers of a secret, crucial to the End of Times Prophecy. Their fight for survival will test their Faith, and force them to risk everything, in an attempt to survive, "The Dark". Written by Chip Rossetti


Quality: SD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 9.3